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Created by Jewish Christians in the Adventist Faith

Rediscover Your Bible

By Exploring Its Jewish Roots

Resources to help your church better understand Jewish history, language and culture.

If we don't understand Jewish culture, we can't really understand the Bible.

We make it easy to help your church explore the Jewish roots of scripture.


Provide in-depth education


Build a Bible-centered culture


Watch your church grow and thrive

"My Bible study came alive in a profoundly new way after attending one of Sasha's workshops. I have learned how to really dig into the Old Testament so I can understand the words of Jesus much more clearly. Implementing the Ambassador Program was the best investment we've ever made for our church!"

Gabriel Gutierrez

Pastor of the Antioch SDA Church

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Take Your Church Deeper into the Bible Than Ever Before

3 Ways to Work with Us


Host a weekend Seminar at Your Church!

Dive into Jewish culture, history and language in a weekend. Bring new depth and richness to your congregation’s reading of the scriptures in a short-term seminar hosted by Jewish Scholar, Adventist Pastor and Church Planter Sasha Bolotnikov. 

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12-Months of Events & Studies In Your Church

This is our flagship program. Our highly trained “ambassadors” will lead a monthly Friday Night (Sabbath) service on Jewish roots and culture. Your ambassador will also lead a bi-weekly Bible study or seminar for your church and local community. Plus, many more events, initiatives and resources to take your congregation deeper and connect with the Jewish community around you!


Go Deeper...Anytime, Anywhere

Level up your understanding of the Bible at your own pace with our on-demand library of educational videos.

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Hosting a Seminar is Easy


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You Choose The Topic


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You Provide The 

Meeting Space


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We Run The 

Event For You!

Sasha Bolotnikov

Your Guide into Bible History

I’ve been a pastor and Bible scholar for 20+ years, and during this time I have noticed something. Many Christians feel like they’re missing something powerful and meaningful as they read their Bible. These pastors and lay church members want a deeper understanding of Jewish history and culture, so they can experience all God has for them in their scripture reading and their faith. 

That’s why we built the Ambassador Program. Built by Jewish Christians for Non-Jewish Christians, this Program is an easy, accessible way to re-discover your Bible, learn its Jewish roots, and grow in your faith. 

This program is already having tremendous success. We would love for your church to be a part. 

If you’re curious about bringing the Ambassador Program to your church, simply click "Launch a Program" below.

-Sasha Bolotnikov

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